Siniša Nešković, PhD Univ.Professor, Head
Address: Faculty of Organizational Sciences
154 Jove Ilića, 11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 3950 804
Fax: +381 39 72 398
E-mail: sinisa.neskovic [at]
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Siniša Nešković is the head of Information Systems Department and Laboratory for Information Systems, where he leads a research group working on the development of software tools, frameworks and components used for building complex information systems.

His research interests include information systems development, business process modeling and automation, model driven development, software product line engineering, advanced software architectures, information retrieval and integration on the Web.

He currently teaches courses in Data Structures and Algorithms, Business Process Modeling and Moder Software Architectures at BSc, MSc and PhD levels at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. 

He participated in a number of research and industrial projects, and acted as a consultant, trainer and high-level advisor to many development teams in industry and government agencies in the area of information systems development and software engineering. 

He also has an extensive working experience as a project leader, chief software architect and developer of advanced complex software systems. The most notable software systems developed under his leadership are ARTIST, a graphical CASE tool for both process and data modeling, and ADMIS, a component based workflow & document management system especially suitable for automation of administrative processes. 

He is a member of ACM and a member of IEEE.